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title: "Top 5 Free Signals Groups on Telegram"

date: "2021-01-01"

category: "Strategies"

description: "Know what they are the Top 5 Free Signals Groups on Telegram."

more: "It’s an established fact that cryptocurrency has taken the world with a storm. Although it has tons of lucrative activities, none stands out to create waves in the cryptocurrency market like trade."

It’s an established fact that cryptocurrency has taken the world with a storm. Although it has tons of lucrative activities, none stands out to create waves in the cryptocurrency market like trade.

The trading space provides a profitable opportunity to generate returns far higher and abundant than stocks and bonds.

Bitcoin tops the chart with a 60% dominance as the top traded cryptocurrency in the market; however, trading Bitcoin requires consistent attention to the charts, which can prove difficult if you are less experienced.

Due to the difficulty in trading bitcoin, the Bitcoin signal group was coined on telegram. This signal group consists of competent traders that will give you the green light on when to trade.

These groups make bitcoin easy for you by spotting valuable trading opportunities for you to increase your earnings.

However, if you are clueless about what crypto trading signals are, here’s an insight.


Bitcoin signals are a life made simple in the trading market. These signals are guides that inform you of when to buy or sell a cryptocurrency. These signal groups on telegram equip you with the knowledge on when to buy or sell bitcoin.

Bitcoin signals have specific formats such as;

  • Cryptocurrency signal, which tells you when to buy Bitcoin.

  • Buy signal, which identifies the price at which you should buy bitcoin.

  • Sell signal, which informs you on when to sell your Bitcoin.

  • A Stop-loss signal, helps you to decrease the rate of losses in case of a failed trade.

The above explains the bitcoin signal's additional information, such as the cryptocurrency exchange signal and the right amount of trade percentage.

If the trade is successful, the bitcoin signal group you signed should get you a consistent profit alert. These alerts include your profit for that particular trade and the time period it took to gain that profit.

Although this might seem complex, once you dive into it, you'll realize there's little work to it as telegram bots handle most of the job.

These bots grant you automatic access to trades by clicking a button. The image below illustrates the process which entails tapping on “One Click follow", which automatically places a trade on the user’s behalf.

Now that you are well versed with knowledge on crypto trading signals let’s dive into the five best bitcoin signal groups on telegram that are money magnets.

1. Binance Killers

Over 100K+ subscribers, the binance killer group stands as one of the best choices for alt-coin signals.

This group consists of alt-coin signal experts who, aside from providing an average of 1-2 signals per day with an overall percentage rate of 90% accuracy, equip their members with knowledge on how the market works and how to manage trading risk starting from 0.

Thus, whether you are a first-timer or an experienced trader, this signal group takes your crypto trading game to the next level.

2. Margin Whales

Margin whales is a a team of successful traders with special expertise in technical and fundamental analysis. After years of trading cryptocurrency, we have developed a deep understanding of Crypto Markets and how to profitably trade them.

3. Fed. Russian Insiders®

They’re a top group of analysts that provide margin signals (ByBit) and alt-coin holds (short and long term).

They have an average post rate of 60 signals per month and make it easy for first-time traders to access their signals via Fibonacci sequences.

Aside from delivering excellent trading signals to their 30k+ subscribers, they offer their VIP members access to a $30,000+ library with trading courses, guides, books and additional insights.

4. Bitcoin Bullets®

This trading signal group has a subscriber list of 40k+ traders, whom they provide alternative ways to trade digital assets.

They are a focus group of BTC and alt-coins leveraged trading with a post rate of 2-3 signals per day.

This signal group has a VIP channel that delivers you the best trading strategies and results.

5. Wallstreet Queen Official®

The most affluent and notable figures in the crypto market.

Wall Street queen is one of the most influential channels with powerful technical analysis and essential news and announcements.

Topping the market charts with a 96.5% accuracy, this group proffers 15-20 signals per month with assured profitability.


The bottom line is that leverage trading is becoming every trader's favourite trading style; combined with a top-notch bitcoin signal, it is safe to say you’re on a lifetime deal to unlimited returns.

However, keep in mind that not all bitcoin signal groups are reliable. Thus, to avoid getting scammed, only source for well-known signal groups like the top five listed above, with an established reputation of making millionaires out of their members.