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date: "2021-01-01"

category: "Strategies"

description: "Everything you need to know about trading bots."

more: "As the world drops in new technological innovations, the bitcoin market isn’t left out. As the Bitcoin market is increasingly becoming a popular space, innovations like the bitcoin trading bots are also on the trail to popularity."

As the world drops in new technological innovations, the bitcoin market isn’t left out.

As the Bitcoin market is increasingly becoming a popular space, innovations like the bitcoin trading bots are also on the trail to popularity.

These software programs analyze trading data by interacting with bitcoin exchanges; the information gathered from this analysis is then used to place buy or sell orders for the user.

Although they have installed trading strategies, you can customize these bots to your trading preferences. In addition, they are governed by a set of rules which prompt them to monitor activity in the market.

There are free and paid bitcoin trading bots, and this article gives you an insight into the pros and cons of these bots, including why you should source for one.


Although the cryptocurrency market is known for its high profitability and successful trading, it also has a risk factor of significant losses due to its volatile nature.

This is where a bitcoin trading bot comes in to curtail some of these risk factors.

Bots are one of the best bitcoin trading choices you’d make because they trade based on data and trends rather than emotions and impulses.

Bots are faster and more efficient compared to human trading and are available round the clock to carry out trades across multiple cryptocurrency exchanges.


Equipped with the right bot, your profits can skyrocket if used efficiently; nonetheless, there are few risk factors to keep in mind before installing a bitcoin trading bot.


  • Being a volatile market, the price shifts in the Bitcoin market can lead to impulsive trades by humans. Thus, with zero emotions, trading bots make trades only through available data and predetermined parameters.

  • There are efficient multi-taskers. Humans can only focus on the cryptocurrency market at a time, while bots simultaneously scan and analyze several cryptocurrency markets and have a sharp view for spotting opportunities.

  • Speed is amongst the vital elements necessary in the cryptocurrency world. While it takes humans long to carry out a trade, bots efficiently place orders the moment an opportunity comes forth.

  • Humans have a limit to staying available 24/7 to bitcoin trading; however, bots are always available round the clock to place orders and monitor the trading market.


  • Bots require monitoring to avoid poor trades due to their inability to stay updated with current news. Hence as a human trader, if you seek top performance, keep an eye on your trading bot.

  • Although they might seem perfect with their installed trading strategies, you'd need additional knowledge on bots' technicality and how they tally with the market.

  • Bitcoin trading bots carry out exchanges via Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). This makes bots susceptible to hackers due to their centralized nature. Thus, always check for the security record of any bots you want and keep your API key secret.


  • Reliability: A vital factor that makes the trading bot popular is its 24/7 availability; hence keep an eye out for online reviews about the bot you are considering to avoid bugs and glitches, which makes you lose out on opportunities.

  • Security: Due to the lucrative opportunities within the Bitcoin market, hackers are alert to infiltrate your bot. Thus, make your research on the credibility of the security of the bot you want and the team behind it.

  • Simple to use: The primary reason why people source bots is to make trading easy for them. Look for a bot with an intuitive interface, friendly and available customer support, consistency of the updates, and the efficiency at which bugs and glitches are solved. In addition, look for a bot that tallies with your trading expertise for easy customization.

  • Profitability: A bot that generates high profits is a keeper. Thus, make your research on reviews that speak about the success rate of the bot you are considering.

  • Price: Although most of the bitcoin trading bots are free, few exceptions require payment.

Nonetheless, a purchased bot offers more powerful features with a top-notch level of service. But, you should only go for a bot that’s within budget and also make a paying decision based on the reviews to determine if it’s worth the price tag or not.


Although the Bitcoin market requires consistent attention to the trades, it could get difficult for even the most dedicated bitcoin trader to sit in front of their computer all day.

Thus, the bitcoin trading bot makes your trading life easy. Dropping in occasional monitoring and adjustments to the work done by the bot, you are good to go with lifetime profitability.

All you need to do is follow the guidelines mentioned above to ensure you grab the right bot and the right opportunities.